Ed + Elena | Lib's Grill, Maryland

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

Real love stories never have endings. There is no better way to start this post by stating just this. Love is eternal, and watching a couple sacrifice for each other's happiness throughout the years of engagements, marriage, children, anniversaries, new jobs, and more, while also seeing them together displaying respect towards one another regardless of how difficult the situation can be, will always last a lifetime. Proving to her she is his number one woman, and proving to him he deserves all of the respect from her in the world, while celebrating your 50th anniversary with all of your beloved friends and family, is priceless.

Elena and Ed were married in 1969. Joined by their family at this beautiful anniversary event at Lib's Grill in Fulton, Maryland, they were able to celebrate a moment in time many couples dream to experience. When their daughter-in-law reached out to me a year ago in preparation for planning this event, I knew it would be just as classy as she is. Elena and Ed raised their children to not only be successful, but to be the best they can be not only for themselves, but for their spouses and children. Because Elena and Ed demonstrated what a successful marriage looks like, their children and their grandchild have a great opportunity to find the real love that will never have an ending, creating an unbreakable foundation!

Meredith, Adam, Ed, Elena, family and friends, thank you so much for allowing me to capture these once in a lifetime moments! Your family has a rare bond that many pray for everyday.


Kristie Leigh

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