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Do you ever see a professional photo shared on social media of a friend or family member with their significant other, displaying such natural and strong chemistry that their poses reflect just this? The way they're holding each other laughing, the way their eyes are passionately staring into each others souls, or the way he has his arms wrapped around her, protecting her from anything and everything to come their way while enjoying the moment to the fullest? I help YOU make these moments, so you can then share your happily ever after!
Thank you for being my guest today! I'm Kristie Leigh and I'm the owner of Kristie Leigh Photography, LLC. (KLP) I specialize in Wedding, Engagement, Maternity and Marketing Sessions while also spending time getting to know you by the smile on your face, and sparkle in your eyes, creating digital footprints that will last forever & ever! Photography was invited into my life simply because reading a book under a tree shade, or sitting cozy by the fire with my Great Dane(s); (Proud Owner of Two (Dempsey & Gracie), and Two in Heaven (Lady and Cookie)), always ended in a great photo that truly spoke to me! I love the energy and elegance it brings to simple everyday pleasures! 

In 2016, I was looking to find creativity in my life and I'm blessed to have found it in photography, and sharing it with you takes home the gold! I am a "people focused" photographer who loves capturing light, bright and airy photos, creating beautiful lifestyle images!  I've completed photography courses at Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC), the famous Amy and Jordan Shoot and Edit Courses, I have a B.A. in Business Administration from Shepherd University (Go RAMS!), and as a Christ Follower, I am blessed to share the gifts God has given me and use them to bless others! I invite you to browser through my portfolio, so your story, will complete mine!


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Your wedding will be gracefully handled by the care of two professional wedding photographers including Kristie Leigh,  who longs for all size moments worth capturing, from the flower girl admiring the gown, to the details of the fiancé holding his brides hand during the exchanging of their vows. Each photograph is edited with delicate detail, delivering the most elegant moments you'll have forever and ever. In efforts to give everything Kristie Leigh has to her wonderful clients, she caps herself at 15 weddings per year. This allows her to fully focus on each wedding like it was her own! When you receive your final delivery, you'll fall in love with it's exquisite presentation, sharing your wedding moments with generations after generations, building an unbreakable foundation!


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Thank you! Kristie Leigh will be in touch within 24-48 hours!

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