Michele + Jim | Kinder Farm Park

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

I met Michele in a walking group our community put together back in May 2018. Shortly after, we became friends on social media and she had reached out to book a photo session. After coordinating plans and gathering requirements for the photo shoot, we realized we've been working at the same employer (my day-time job) for about five months. Even better, we were in the same department!

Michele and I met up two times before the photo shoot just talking and getting to know each other, but my favorite part about this story, was her love story.

High school sweethearts are rare these days. With everyone graduating and heading off to life in different locations, it's difficult to keep the young love on fire. Not for this couple! Their contagious affection represents a couples love that most only see in the first few months of a relationship, but theirs lasting a lifetime.

Michele and her husband, Jim, had planned their engagement party with the fine details and all of their guests to join them on this upcoming celebration of their wedding, but when you're so in love, it's hard to wait until all of the wedding details and plans are set! So they did what their hearts called for them to do, they got married at their engagement party!

While my 2nd photographer and I were changing our lenses, or re-calibrating our white balance settings in the camera, Michele and Jim didn't need posing assistance from us, because their physical love language naturally expresses how they feel about each other. Their smile always reached their eyes. Their love is intimate, warming and one of the sweetest story's I've photographed.

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