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Over the past few years, I've been blessed with meeting some of the most genuine people. Whether they're friends of my husband, parents of softball players I coach, or beautiful coworkers.

I met Stephanie in 2016 when I was working as a Program Manager Assistant at Johns Hopkins. I had first heard about Stephanie through one of my dearest friends who had also worked at the lab with me for years. She told me if I ever had a chance to work with Stephanie, take it immediately as she is such a joy to be around!

While we never worked directly with each other, Stephanie and I grew a friendship out of being completely humble and down to earth souls! Just two women, sitting in an office, talking about the hysterical moments of life. Real moments, moments that most would wait to share with each other until they've been friends with someone for 5+ years, but she and I had a connection right from the start that allowed us to be....US!

We love sharing our stories with each other, whether they're struggles, or completely ridiculous situations where the transparency was worth the laugh! It's no secret how much I absolutely adore this woman! Her loyalty with another human being immediately makes you feel connected to her soul to where I found myself asking, "have I really only known her for 3 years?!?!"

During this photo shoot, it was such an honor being able to meet her husband, JR, and son Jackson. Jackson was so perfect for the entire photo shoot, I found myself challenged in the best way from a 1 year old, who was willing to do anything and everything for his mom and dad to get the best photos for their family! He made their family's chemistry such a breeze to capture!

Since neither me or my husband have much experience as parents yet, I don’t have much advice to offer Stephanie, and JR. So I’ll leave you with this encouragement instead: If you’re as intentional as you’ve been in your friendships as you are in your relationship with your son, he’ll remain one the luckiest little boys around.


-Kristie Leigh

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