The Pecilunas | Terrapin Park, MD

And 18 years later, they still have the spark of a newlywed couple...!

|| The Introduction ||

I met Linda and her children about a year ago while hosting a 4th of July Mini Photo Shoot Session in 2018, held at Latrobe Park, located in Locust Point, Maryland. She messaged me through Facebook saying she was coming from the Eastern Shore and wanted to see if I'd still be at the photo shoot location by the time she arrived. Because she was so excited about participating in this mini shoot and coming all the way from across the Bay Bridge, I couldn't wait to meet her! Through her message alone, she made this event even more exciting!

Our mini session together exceeded all of our expectations for the amount of fun we would have together! Her children have rays of sunshine about them that makes me smile and laugh so passionately.....and we hadn't even know each other for a total of 5 minutes yet! I couldn't even tell you what we were laughing about, but it was that type of belly laugh that brought tears to my eyes, while gasping for air!

|| The Photo Shoot ||

While working with Linda before this photo shoot regarding her selection of color combinations for her family's wardrobe, she nailed it from the beginning! I seriously want to hire her as my personal stylist! I love working with my clients before their sessions about what to wear and accessories to bring. Going back and forth on patterns or no patterns, dark color pants verses light colored pants, brings me so much joy knowing we are working together as a team for their family’s perfect photo shoot!

Mike and Linda planned this photo shoot to celebrate their 18 years of a beautiful marriage with two children who light up the world, including mine. I was looking forward to this photo shoot because I knew this family was going to be so down to earth, truly enjoy their time together, and be such a great example of how family's honor kindness and grace towards each other! Saying they were AWESOME to work with, is an understatement. They have the best humor, and chemistry together! And to find out at the end of our photo shoot that they have a Great Dane, it was pure love! (If you didn’t already know, I have two Great Danes named Dempsey and Cookie and my first Great Dane was named Lady.) The Pecilunas have the patience and understanding of being a Great Dane owner. This speaks so much to my heart and I could have stood in that parking lot for hours just looking at their Great Dane photos, chatting about this breeds unique and lovable characteristics!

Linda and Mike, thank you so much for choosing me to be part of your journey in capturing your celebration of 18 beautiful years together. I will forever remember this moment because it brought so much joy to a perfect day together!

Here are just a few of our moments together!



-Kristie Leigh

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