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There are two things in this world which I that am absolutely certain of, my faith in God, and that things truly do happen for a reason.

Elsa contacted me earlier this week looking to schedule a maternity photo shoot. Her due day is early May and she was hoping I had an opening within the next 2 weeks. Sadly, at the moment, I did not, until I had a last minute schedule opening, which she then booked her session.

Not only was this the most beautiful day of the week, but the timing of this photo shoot was everything! The sun's golden hour was exquisite, her dress was stunning, and their family was extremely gracious and kind towards one another. Love and respect are the most two important qualities to have in a successful marriage, and this marriage showed just that!

Nick and Elsa have such warm personalities that my husband and I could have stayed and chatted with them for hours after their photo shoot. Their adorable little girl couldn't have been anymore charming and perfect during this shoot! She nailed it! This couple, without a doubt, was meant to be! They were meant to be parents, and they were meant to do it all together as a family!

Nick and Elsa, I am so very blessed to have had the opportunity to not only be your photographer during this important time of your lives, but to have also had the opportunity to meet your beautiful souls in person! You're going to be amazing parents to this baby boy, just as your are to your little girl!

Congratulations from my husband, Joseph, and I!


-Kristie Leigh

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