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Updated: Mar 7, 2019

This blog took me a little longer to write than I had expected. Not because I didn't have anything to say, or any emotion to write, but because I had more than enough. This photo shoot occurred in November 2018.

I met Lindsay in August of 2012, during an interview at Johns Hopkins APL. Never did I expect this person to walk into my life, steal the job I wanted, and build a sisterly friendship out of it. (That's magic!) Yep, I wanted the job she was applying for! But at the time, the hiring Supervisor said I wasn't quite ready because I was too green after just graduating college.

Now, when some people hear this from their Supervisor, it would either hurt their feelings, or motivate them to try to find another position. But instead, I took my supervisors word, and I did anything and everything I could to better myself, which included my interviewing skills and this brings us back to Lindsay's part of the story.

Let's be real, I went into this interview wanting to ask challenging and mind spinning questions to this candidate (I was still growing in my faith and had a lot of work to do!), but I knew none of this would help me get the position she was applying for. So I went in with an open mind, soft heart, and positive vibes. Sitting inside the little conference room with two other interviewers, gathering around a brown circle table, shooting away at our questions, did I immediately realize, she was the most perfect puzzle piece for this job and our team!

After Lindsay accepted APL's offer, she became my office mate. I was excited to be working with her, but I also knew this new hire had so much to offer. I just didn't expect this offer to be priceless...

Ten months later, she went on maturity leave and gave birth to her amazing son Alex, which, jokingly, I had guessed the name before she went into labor, but she wanted to keep it a surprise. I'm slightly a mind reader, but that's another post (LOL!). My Supervisor asked that I fill her role, rather than hiring a temp. He had thought I was ready to see if I could handle this position that I had wanted months before. As indirectly promised, he guided me, grew me professionally, and next thing I was sitting at her desk, managing 70+ staff members filling her role, while Lindsay's attended to the most beautiful child I'd ever seen.

About a year later after Lindsay returned to work, my dog Lady was diagnosed with cancer. And instead of being too busy to hear about my experience and anxiety speaking the same story over and over and over and over (okay, you get it!), Lindsay just listened. Never rushed me, or never made me feel as I was taking up her time.

This is how our friendship is to this day. We are always there for each other. When she went through her difficult times in life, I always kept my phone near me for when she needed a friend to talk to, or needed a last minute babysitter for her and her husband to attend date night. During my most difficult times in life, she listens, never rushes me to make life decisions. She's always patient, she's always kind, she's always guiding me to learn more about myself than I did the day before.

This type of candidate became my co-worker in 2012, best friend in 2014, and now is my sister for life. It doesn't matter if I call her at a crazy hour, she and her husband are ALWAYS there for me. Always supporting me through good times and bad. These are the types of people you meet knowing every trail and difficult effort was worth it to get to this part of my life to meet this amazing family!

They've taught me respect, love, and have guided me without fault.

You are truly a gift from God Lindsay, and he knew big blessings come in small little family packages! I will always be there for you, Mike and Alex whenever a little to large need arises, one calls for a coffee date or family photo shoot!

Lindsay, Mike and Alex, thank you so much for everything you and your family have done for me!

My days are truly not complete until I receive your "Good Morning" IM at work.

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