Mr. + Mrs. Pablo Mora

|| The One||

The good one.

The one who you can sit at home, laying with your pups, watching TV and there isn't anything in this world that could be anymore perfect than what it already is in this very moment.

The good one.

The one you can go traveling the world with, not evening knowing it's possible to fall even more deeply in love with them with every moment that you spend together.

It's the good ones, that you just know, it will be until death do us part.

Out of every person walking around in this world, He chooses her, and She chooses him, everyday.

They're the good ones.

|| Their Forever & Ever ||

I started to learn about Mary and Pablo's love story, by the beautiful beaches of Cancun, Mexico, when her dazzling diamond ring shined right into my eye. It was brighter than the sun it's self. (He did well!)

But what really struck me on this beautiful sunny day in December 2020, wasn't only the warmth of the sun, but the warmth Mary extended to me, just another woman, in this thing we call life. She is the type of woman you want to be around when life is going just as it should, but also when it can be off track. She can make rainy day show the rainbow faster than a passing storm. It didn't surprise me she was on her way to walk down the aisle, with the man who is just as warm and genuine as she is, Pablo.

You know, I wish I had the perfect words to describe Mary and Pablo, but I don't know if it's even possible to put into writing what they have together.

I'm currently sitting in a restaurant, holding back tears because of the love and grace they've extended to me, someone they met in a different country, hanging out with those who love Baltimore, just as much as I do. I can't imagine the love and grace they extend to each other on a daily basis. Their love is radiant and kind and when you're around them, not only can you see it, you feel it. They're the Allie and Noah to The Notebook, the Romeo to his Juliet, and the Mary to her Joseph. Their love is the reason most people wake up in the morning, hoping it will be their day to have what Mary and Pablo have together.

Their love story gives me something I've needed for so long, and that's Hope. Hope that there is someone out there for every person, longing for this type of story. I hope whoever may be reading this right now, that you view Mary and Pablo's perfect day through the photos below, as one that is possible for you.

Mary and Pablo ARE the Hallmark love story.

God brought these two beautiful souls together for a reason, and that's to show what becoming ONE looks like. It looks like a fairytale, the happily ever after, and most certainty, always getting through the good times and bad. They will never ever give up on each other, and I could ask any one of their friends, who would easily agree with me, that they are the ultimate couple to look up to as a perfect example to follow.

Mary and Pablo, it was such an honor for you to choose me, to be part of this day, this day that will forever be engraved with love on your hearts.


-Kristie Leigh

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|| The Creative Team ||

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