Makayla Coe | Fells Point, MD

I am so excited to share Sunday's High School Senior Lifestyle Portrait session with you! Makayla recently visited Fells Point located in Baltimore, Maryland to celebrate her upcoming graduation from high school! She is fierce, confident and ready to hit the ground running with her passion in Cosmetology!

I'm always in awe of my clients who find me through friends of friends, or through family! It’s so inspiring and encouraging to see these portrait session impact the lives of my clients by giving them the joy and confidence they deserve when they see how beautiful they are, inside and out!

Makayla, I am so excited for you and your future! You are on fire girlfriend and ready for the real world and I know with your strength and beauty, there isn't a soul in this world that can stop you from living your dreams, and making other people feel and look just as beautiful as you are! God is so good and will give you all of the support and love you need to thrive in this beautiful world!

Here are just a few photos of our moments together!



-Kristie Leigh

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