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Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Oh my goodness, ladies and gentlemen. You are in for a treat today! After months and months of this bride and groom planning for their beautiful event, they hit it out of the ball park! With their exquisite and endearing love for each other and fine details, it couldn't have been anymore perfect of a day!

On 17 November 2018, I arrived at the "Top of the Bay" venue located in Aberdeen, Maryland. Walking into the bridal suite, I couldn't wait to see Kim. I've known since the first day she and I had spoken on the phone, she was going to be an amazing bride to work with. During the entire process, she was so calm and collect. Her smile lit up the room. Her gown details, and amazing up-do hair style with a 1940's veil, made this the most beautiful and classical wedding. These are the days, that little girls dream of.

After gathering the detailed shots, it was the groomsmen's turn for photographs. Doug couldn't stop smiling, even when he was waiting in between photos speaking to his most important men. Today, he was marrying the woman of his dreams, love of his life and soulmate.

While he was to get married on this day, this didn't stop what is so special about him, helping and assisting others. We were about to start getting photograph's of Kim and her bridesmaids in the breezeway of the buildings, only to see Doug running out to the curb, helping the guests out of their car. This, right here, is the type of man to marry!

From the moment I met Doug and Kim, their love made so much sense. Their class, their innocence and their passion for each other, reminds me as to why I love doing this job. He is so sure to take care of her in every way. Their wedding spoke so much volume as to who the bride and groom are as a couple, flawless!

Mr. & Mrs. Vasil, thank you for reminding me why I feel so blessed, to get to do what I love to do. It's couples like you that make this the best job in the world!


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