Robyne + Pat

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

16 September 2017 is when photography all started for me. My sister-in-law asked me to take a picture of her and her husband while she was nine months pregnant, near the Under Armor waterfront in Baltimore, Maryland. Arriving at our location, I pulled out my camera, which was an old Canon Rebel T2i that I'd purchased off eBay a year prior, snapped a photo and turned my camera off. It was after this photo, that my sister-in-law suggested a pose from Pinterest. I, then, was just about to experience my first photo-shoot of my photography career.

Exactly one year to date, 16 September 2018, I had the honor of photographing her brother and sister-in-law at nine months pregnant. Pat and Robyne have an innocence about them that calms the world.

Being around true love makes you believe in miracles. How can two people so beautifully paired, find each other among millions and millions in this world, with their paths crossing at the most perfect timing? Pat and Robyne's love is one you read in a book, or watch in a movie, praying to the Lord above that your soul mate will be as perfect as theirs.

It's real, it's passionate, and knowing their beautiful baby will be raised with such deep unconditional love, I can only imagine the lives he will touch and change.

Pat and Robyne, thank you so much for having your story, complete mine.

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