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Updated: Jul 1, 2019

I recently met Aimee through a friend during a marketing photo shoot for the merging of their mortgage account launch party in February of 2019 (you can view this photo shoot here). I had heard over the last few years how sweet and genuine Aimee is and finally had the honor to meet her, and she was just as they described! After our photo shoot, she and I connected for her and her boyfriend, Eric, to participate in one of my monthly BLOG posts to help my clients prepare for their upcoming photo shoot. After they both read my "3 Tips When Dressing For A Photo Shoot" BLOG, Aimee and Eric nailed their wardrobe for this photo shoot! Their outfits were STUNNING! Aimee chose a long pink flowy dress to show her beautiful femininity while Eric wore a light grey colored suite with a pink pocket handkerchief matching Aimee's dress perfectly, making this photo shoot extremely successful! And it showed me the BLOG post was effective for assisting with my clients when asked what they should wear to achieve the light and airy look I display on my social media pages and website.

Today on this photo shoot, was the first time I had an honor to meet Eric. Not only did this man present himself with such genuine class, but he showed so much elegance and grace toward Aimee while doing this shoot with and for her and I! Their chemistry is undeniable, and their bond is truly endless. I can't wait to see what God has prepared for them in their future together. The passion and respect they have for each other will create an unbreakable foundation, lasting a lifetime! (I just know it!)

Aimee and Eric, thank you so much for your participation. I'm so grateful and blessed to have been your photographer during this beautiful spring day and photo shoot. The joy you both bring to each others lives is contagious and it's exactly what we need in this world today!


-Kristie Leigh

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