4 Secrets For Choosing the Photo Shoot Location

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

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So, you just finished reading about my "3 Helpful Tips When Dressing For Your Next Photo Shoot" with Kristie Leigh Photography, LLC; now lets discuss the 4 Secrets for choosing the perfect location to achieve the "light and airy" look for your portfolio!

Ah, the scenery. It's really beautiful, isn't it! The greenery, the pond, the different color trees. When most clients think of locations for their photo shoot, they typically think of something like this, with lots of trees and greens in the background. But having lots of different shades of greens and/or other dark colors in the background, may give you a different look than what you're expecting, and not exactly the "light and airy" style most clients expect after their photo shoot with Kristie Leigh Photography, LLC. This goes for any dark colored background such as the examples I'm going to show you below.

In this post, I'll walk with you on my 4 Secrets for choosing the perfect "light and airy" location, as a client while working with Kristie Leigh Photography, LLC!

Let's apply those same tips we discussed in "3 Helpful Tips When Dressing For Your Next Photo Shoot." If you choose a location with a dark background, that's exactly what you're going to see when you receive your portfolio; darker images! But if you want that beautiful light background with beautiful skin tones, lets show you how to find this perfect spot for these results!

I've placed my client, in a location with a very dark red brick back ground, wearing the "light and airy" outfit he wore in "3 Helpful Tips When Dressing For Your Next Photo Shoot." Now, this isn't a 'wrong" location, it's just not going to bring out those "light and airy" dreams we all want when booking a photo shoot with Kristie Leigh Photography, LLC.

This photo is TOTALLY Photoshopped so you could understand the "greenery" background perspective. Sadly, it is winter and dry in Maryland and we do not have green trees right now.

In this photo, I've now placed my client in a very "green" background which has a lot of trees, giving the same results, not quite "light and airy." The greenery is absolutely beautiful, and if clients want this type of background, it will surely happen, I just want to educate my clients on achieving those light and airy backgrounds to deliver the photos they may be expecting after visiting my social media pages or website. Please keep in mind, I will always shoot at the locations my clients request. I just want to make sure they're educated before making their decision.

Now, let's move him somewhere with a "lighter" background. I've asked my client to stand in an alley that has lots of light and neutral colors, located in Baltimore, Maryland. See the difference? Pretty amazing right! And this is just an alley! Imagine photos taken in Washington D.C. with the large grande white buildings.

Choosing the location for your photo shoot is just as important as choosing the wardrobe to wear. Applying the 3 helpful tips for your wardrobe and 4 Secrets for finding your photo shoot location, there is not doubt your photos will be exactly what you see on my social media pages and website after adding a little magic of post editing by me.

Here is another photo of my 2nd photo shoot ever. I was an amateur back then and my friend Austyn allowed me to use my new passionate skills for her and her, now husbands engagement photos. (Thanks sista!)

At the time, I wasn't familiar with light and airy photos, and so I stood on an angle to get the greenery in the background of this shot.

With this background, it makes the photo look darker, than if I decided to capture this photo from a different angle.

Would you believe me if I told you the photo with my clients and their daughter is the same EXACT location as the photo previously discussed? These pictures demonstrate that darker backgrounds and darker clothing takes away any "light and airy" possibility if that's your key goal, which in this case, it is!

Choosing to have water in your photos will not only be a beautiful background, but will give you the portfolio results most clients want delivered!

3 Helpful Tips When Dressing For Your Next Photo Shoot

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