4 Poses To Expect On Your Engagement Photo Shoot

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Congratulations on your engagement! This is it! The most exciting time of your lives! what? "We need a venue, a florist, bridesmaids, groomsmen, gown, tux...."

"Should we get photos to celebrate our engagement?"

And here is why! Some people think "nah, we can put the money for the engagement shoot into the wedding instead!" But the reason you should ALWAYS get engagement photos, isn't just for a celebration, but to give the photographer you may want to hire for your wedding a "test drive" and to also explore posing options you could potentially use on your wedding day!

I want to educate you (my clients) who have just booked a photo shoot or those who are thinking of booking a photo shoot with Kristie Leigh Photography, LLC, on the types of poses they'll be *asked* to do during their engagement shoot. (Note: I will only pose you in positions that are natural and comfortable for you and your significant other). Going into a photo shoot with a plan always makes the clients feel more relaxed knowing what to expect, and when they're going to expect it. They'll look and feel more natural in their photos when it comes time for the final delivery.

In this post, I'll walk with you on my 4 Poses To Expect On Your Engagement Photo Shoot while working with Kristie Leigh Photography, LLC!

(Here is my BLOG post on "3 Tips When Dressing For A Photo Shoot" if you haven't yet read it to also help prepare for your upcoming session!)

Thank you to Aimee and CC who are business partners for demonstrating this "pose" for Kristie Leigh Photography, LLC during their marketing photo shoot.

Most newly engaged couples have never been on a professional photo shoot and aren't sure exactly what to expect. After we have been formally introduced, I'll position the couple to walk towards the opposite direction from where I am standing, and then ask them to turn around and walk back towards me....bumping hips!

HOLD ON! What!!

Yes! You read this correctly! Bumping hips! This helps get some of the awkward nerves out of the way, and helps get the smiles naturally exposed because... it's not normal to bump hips purposely while walking!! See this photo to the with Aimee and CC? That's exactly what they're doing! Bumping hips and laughing about it! So, let's "walk it out" ladies and gents!

Wrap your arm around him and "join forehead forces."

Okay, phew! That was fun! Now, that we're comfortable with our surroundings and photo shoot environment, had a few belly laughs, and already captured a bunch of great photos, let's start getting into the more passionate poses which will show your true chemistry with your significant other!

I've asked Aimee to wrap her arm around the Eric's arm, exposing the ring (for engaged couples). Then I've asked that they "join forehead forces!" This allows the couple to look deeply into each others eyes, creating that deep connection we all want to see when our portfolio is delivered while Aimee holds her dress out, as if she is about to curtsy, exposing her femininity!

Huge thank you to Eric and Aimee for these beautiful photos!

After we've captured these amazing shots from the first two poses, now we want to get a closer shot of your happiness and that beautiful smile of yours!

In the photo here, I've asked Amie to look directly at the camera, while Eric places his forehead on the side of her forehead.

How did she get this big beautiful natural smile for this shot? You'll find out in your upcoming photo shoot what I say to get clients to have this natural reaction!

Hold this pose...SNAP! Now, together, we've captured this amazing shot!

Next pose!

Dance The Night Away Together and "Give Her A Twirl"

Dancing with your significant other can be amazing and....AWKWARD!! Seriously! My husband and I dreaded our first dance as a married couple. And now being asked to do this in front of a photographer, charming!

But this pose is fun, you'll laugh, you'll get dizzy, and that's because I'll forget to ask you to stop spinning, and you'll still be spinning (as I'm taking pictures), and I'll still forget to tell you to stop spinning, but...okay you get my point! But these pictures come out so beautiful for couples to hang on their wall, make their Facebook profile, post on any social media, and share with generations upon generations! It's truly an amazing pose!

So, let's dance the night away together, and "give her a twirl!"

So, now that I've presented my 4 favorite poses for your engagement shoot, what poses are you mostly excited for when shooting with Kristie Leigh Photography, LLC?

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Flowers by Locust Point-settia (Kara)

Location in Mount Vernon, Baltimore, Maryland

Photography by Kristie Leigh Photography, LLC

4 Secrets For Choosing Your Photo Shoot Location

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