3 Tips When Dressing For a Photo Shoot

Updated: Apr 26

Yes!! I've planned it all out perfectly! My first professional photo shoot after studying Pinterest posts for almost 6 months, I knew I perfected my wardrobe! I was all about wearing the dark clothing, which is what I'm always most comfortable in. But as I became more educated in different types of photography editing styles, I realized I had to take a deeper dive into not only educating myself, but most importantly, educating MY CLIENTS!

Now, please don't get me wrong. I absolutely LOVED my professional photos, and my photographer was amazingggg to work with! I just wanted to learn and truly grasps the different types of editing styles when stepping into the portrait photography world when this business took off in 2018. To be clear, one photography editing style is not considered the right style for everyone. When searching for your photographer, studying their style whether it is "dark and moody," "bright and airy," or "light and airy," will definitely help sway your decision when choosing a photographer to work with. I always educate my clients for the "light and airy" photography style I showcase, so when I deliver their finished portfolio, each client is getting exactly what they see on my social media pages and website.

In this post, I'll walk with you on how to achieve the "light and airy" look as a client while working with Kristie Leigh Photography, LLC!

Which now brings me to the introduction of "my wardrobe style."

I asked a client to dress how he would "think" to dress for his photo shoot after booking a session with me. He pulled out the dark jeans, dark shirt, tennis shoes (yep!), and a grey Under Armour hat. I'd say this is his typical look, and it's a great picture, don't get me wrong! But my clients want the "light and airy" look I share on a daily basis. Not educating my clients on "what to wear" and "what not to wear", would leave them feeling dissatisfied when receiving their portfolio, and 50% of this dissatisfaction, would come from their wardrobe without them even realizing it. This where I come into play, before the photo shoot has occurred!

In this photo, I've now given my client a few tips to achieve those "light and airy" photos.

I recommended he stay away from jeans, for now at least, and lean more towards light khaki's or in some cases blue or grey dress pants.

That dark shirt he was wearing, I recommended he replace it with a white or neutral colored button down shirt. Dressing up the photo just a tad, adds an elegant look that will give you, your friends, and family that "WOW" response of excitement that everyone wants to receive (even if we don't want to admit it!).

Wedding photography is the most beautiful photography I love to capture! One of the reasons; the clients stunning attire!

Here is a photo from my second photo shoot...ever. Again, not a bad photo, but not exactly what my clients are now looking for when booking a photo shoot with me. This is my best friend Austyn and her husband Matt. They were excited about this photo when I delivered the portfolio, however now that they are more familiar with my current editing style, "light and airy," she may be a litttttle disappointed if I were to deliver this same type of photo knowing I had helpful tips to give her.

Now, lets discuss the women's attire with similar rules. I always suggest women to wear either a long "flowy" dress, very similar the pink dress in this photo, or This One from Morning Lavender. Bringing out the femininity in women through their wardrobe, will have them feeling beautiful during and after the photo shoot. Most clients would rather display a photo wearing more of a formal attire, then wearing sweat pants or jeans when hiring a professional photographer.

If you're still not sure you're dressing correctly to achieve the "light and airy" photos you want, dress as if you're attending a wedding as a guest, but you're ENCOURAGED to wear light and neutral colors. :) that we've walked through these little helpful tips, how are you going to dress for your next photo shoot with us? :)

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